Custom hands made wall murals, which is performed by the artist by hand, of course, is different from the factory print. On closer inspection, this is clearly visible. There can be no such precision of lines as, for example, on wallpaper or printed posters. For someone, this may be a disadvantage, but this feature can be considered as the main advantage. After all, everything that a person has done with his own hands gives the interior more warmth and makes it more individual. Of course, a significant point is the issue of price, which is high, as it includes the individual work of a professional.

If you decide to order wall mural, then before you start, it would be good to independently study the options and understand the painting in what style and colors you would like to get.

Stipulate the need for preliminary sketches of mural for your room or space with the chosen plot. A preliminary sketch of the mural will help you not only to assess the scale of the drawing, but also to correlate it with other design elements that will be in the room. In addition to the decorative function, wall images have practical significance.
Visual effects that are used when creating a mural can transform the space of room, make it visually largest, higher or more voluminous. For example, using wall mural, you can visually expand a narrow hallway or raise a low ceiling.
If you are looking for some stylish wall mural in your place, Elite Wall design will help you get a custom wall mural by unique sketch, which suits you and bring some exclusivity to your space.

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