Stencils for wall decoration are an exquisite and affordable solution for everyone on the original decoration of the room. Stencils allow you to create or complement the interior, made in absolutely any style. You can use them on any surface.

A stencil is a device that helps to apply on walls of any size, a large number of repetitive symbols, letters or drawings. Usually, a stencil has the form of a small sheet of dense material in which segments are cut for the original image. To use such stencils to decorate the walls of the room, you will have to use a special acrylic spackling. Putty should be mixed with a dye to get the desired shade or the image is covered with paint after drying . As usual, the stencil is fixed on the surface, then acrylic putty is applied with a spatula. Stencil wall d├ęcor is suitable for both modern and classic interior design.

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